Meet the Founder

Meet Lexi Pellegrini

As a born and raised Hobokenite, she has always had a deep love and admiration for the small businesses that make up our community. Growing up, she often found herself drawn to the world of fashion and retail and knew that one day she wanted to open her own boutique.

That dream became a reality when she opened Lido, a retail store that offers an intimate shopping experience and truly unique, curated displays. She believes there is something special about in-person shopping and wants to create a space where customers can connect with each other and our sales associates in a meaningful way.

At Lido, we value the deep connections that can be formed through the shared experience of shopping together. We believe that there is a joy and excitement that comes from walking into a store and walking out with new pieces that you can envision yourself wearing.

We are so grateful to be a part of the Hoboken community, and we look forward to continuing to serve our customers and bring them the best in fashion and retail. Thank you for supporting Lido and helping to make our dream a reality.